Safe water for all

Why should you partner with us?

Apart from playing a significant role in making safe water available, accessible & affordable to millions, there are a host of other advantages.

Partner with us if you are

  • An Owner and Operator of a water treatment plant.
  • Seeking a self employment opportunity.
  • Wish to own and operate your JanaJal WOW.
  • An NGO that is seeking to collaborate with us under our “zero leakage” model.
  • Wishing to implement a safe water program under your ESG initiative.
  • Seeking to make an impact through delivery of safe water in a sustainable manner to under served communities.
  • Willing to subsidise the cost of safe water to communities through CSR.
  • Seeking branding and advertising opportunities on JanaJal WOWS and Boond Card.

heading-icon Advertising

Sponsor a JanaJal WOW and get branding on the vehicle for 5 years along with Impact Assessment reports on half yearly basis.

Advertise on The JanaJal Mobile App.

Supporting JanaJal boosts water accessibility while empowering women, creating jobs, training and upskilling of individuals in IT and soft skills and ensuring education for children who are able to attend school versus those that stay home to fetch water.

JanaJal eliminates the role of single-use plastic in the supply chain of safe water by delivering safe water in an unpackaged manner enhancing water accessibility.

Consumers collect safe water in their own containers thereby reducing the generation of plastic waste significantly.

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