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Most people do not understand JanaJal’s business model, focus and role in the water sector. For them, JanaJal is a complex solution that is a blend of technology, people and water that is trying to solve an even bigger complicated problem called "Water". However, the solution to every problem begins with a single question - Why not?

With the world advancing at breakneck speed, we are perfectly poised to translate “Why not?” into delivering a tangible and measurable solution to this universal problem.

JanaJal - #SafeWaterForAll

We are dedicated to offering a viable water problem solution in rural areas and urban households, ensuring access to clean and safe water.

Where Safe Water is affordable for all and provided in a sustainable manner.

Hence Why Not? Welcome to JanaJal.

JJWOW Doorstep Delivery of Safe Water

A unique, customised, clean fuel powered three-wheeler that delivers safe water to the doorstep of communities in prime urban and deep, inaccessible rural areas.

Equipped with IOT controllers and sensors, safe and with zero carbon emissions, JJWOW has been selected as an innovative technology by the Jal Shakti Ministry, Government of India under Jal Jeevan Mission and recommended to all States and Union Territories for large scale rural implementation

JJWOW is also selected under AMRUT 2.0 by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India for implementation across urban India.

JJWOW is set to play a key role in the Government of India’s “Har Ghar Jal” Mission - to make drinking water accessible to every home by 2024.

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JanaJal Mobile App
JanaJal Mobile App

Access to safe, affordable water - Now a Digital Experience!
JanaJal Mobile application is a homegrown IOT tech based app which allows customers to seamlessly order, track and monitor safe drinking water. Its simple UI-UX, multilingual screens enable customers to easily navigate through various screens.

Janajal Water Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plant

Allowing Integration, Upgradation and Customisation
JanaJal has strategically built, installed, operated and customised new and existing Water ATMs (WATM) across India over the past 10 years. All WATMs are supervised and managed remotely in real-time through JJSUITE, its proprietary technology platform that allows for optimising performance and operating efficiency.

JJSUITE IOT Technology Platform

A proprietary, IOT technology platform that allows for integration of existing Water Treatment Plants...

Partner with JanaJal
Partner with Us

Owners & operators of water treatment plants, NGOs seeking collaborations, brands looking for advertising opportunities or if you are looking for CSR and ESG initiatives, we are waiting to hear from you!

JanaJal CSR Initiatives

Making safe water available and accessible is at the top of the Global CSR Charter. Corporates can partner with us and sponsor safewater for Households.

JanaJal ESG Initiatives

ESG initiatives contribute to broader business sustainability efforts that aim to position companies for long-term success based on responsible corporate management and business strategies.

Janajal Loyalty Program

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Our Technology

We provide Reliable Water Solutions by Harnessing Technology.

From water treatment to dispensing, from projecting demand curves to pre-empting maintenance schedules, strong technology ensures transparency and security to stakeholders and donors.

JJSUITE Enables:

  • Monitor Water Treatment Plants Globally with a single Sign On Integration of all type of Water Treatment Plants

  • Real-time monitoring of qualitative, quantitative and Transactional data.

  • Achieve remote supervision, control & monitoring.

Safe and Reliable Water
Solutions - Now a Digital Experience

Strong interconnectivity with our Tech platform JJSUITE, it allows critical functions such as pre-paid RFID card activation, credit recharge facility and verification of water quality (pH & TDS) through the app. Customers can avail of Promo Codes that are extended on special occasions and festivals. JanaJal Mobile App is multilingual and customizable for various regions and territories. Digital Wallet and UPI facility linked with JanaJal Mobile App is independent and can be recharged by a customer from any bank / UPI / Credit card / Debit card. An end-to-end solution for access to clean and safe water, customers can contact the Support Centre and even raise queries directly from the JanaJal Mobile App.

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