Janajal Water treatment plant
Do you own and operate a
Water Treatment Plant?

JanaJal has strategically built, installed, operated and customised new and existing Water ATM’s across India over the past 10 years. All Water ATMs are supervised and managed remotely in real-time through JJSUITE, its proprietary technology platform that allows for optimising performance and operating efficiency.

This robust and agile IOT platform supports all aspects around management and operations of decentralised Water Treatment Plants that support refilling of JJWOWs that operate in a hub-and-spoke manner and deliver safe water to the doorstep of households in a timely and cost effective manner.

This increases the capacity utilisation of existing Water Treatment Plants and renders them viable. It also helps create behavioural change and boosts economic growth within communities through consistent adoption and consumption of safe water

heading-icon JJSUITE

A proprietary, IOT technology platform that allows for integration of existing Water Treatment Plants :

Real-time monitoring of qualitative and quantitative parameters of water being treated and dispensed from existing Water Treatment Plants and JJWOWS.

Enables transparency through various reporting dashboards to internal and external stakeholders in a user-friendly and customisable manner. This also ensures optimum up-time to ensure reliable services to consumers.

JJSUITE enables pre-emptive maintenance planning and timely replacement of critical consumables such as membranes and filters that ensure consistency in quality of safe water thereby building “Trust” in the minds of consumers.