Making safe water available and accessible is at the top of the Global CSR Charter.

Corporates can partner with us on our clean water initiatives and sponsor safe water for Households. It is estimated that USD 100 can serve safe water to one household for one year in a sustainable and reliable manner.

Get impact assessment reports every quarter.

CSR Partnerships

Corporates can commit funds under CSR towards clean water initiatives. JanaJal has a unique “zero leakage” CSR model that will ensure credit of safe water directly to the accounts of beneficiaries; effectively implementing a Direct Benefit Transfer Program that extends total transparency to the donor encouraging sustainable and affordable water distribution.

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We help you make sustainability a part of your business.
Not apart from it!

ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) programs ensure accountability and implementation of systems and processes to manage a company's impact, such as its carbon footprint and how it treats employees, suppliers and other stakeholders. ESG initiatives also contribute to broader business sustainability efforts that aim to position companies for long-term success based on responsible corporate management and business strategies.

ESG Benefits

Investment returns and Sustainability
Sustainability funds can achieve similar or better returns compared to traditional funds, according to 2022 performance data from Morningstar, an investment research, management and technology company.

Attract new customers for additional growth.
Consumers and business customers who factor ESG considerations into their buying decisions are likely to seek out products or services provided by companies that are focused on ESG.

Pushes companies to make other positive investment decisions.
Organizations with ESG initiatives tend to focus on a wide range of environmental issues and ethical practices. For example, ESG aligns with the triple bottom line, a sustainability-focused accounting framework that companies can use to measure the overall economic value they create and their social and environmental impact.

Attract and retain high-quality employees.
It can boost employee motivation and increase overall productivity by giving workers a sense of purpose.

Cut Costs.
When ESG practices are incorporated into the fabric of an organization, operating expenses, energy bills and other costs can be reduced over time.

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Safe water for Healthy Living

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Contribute directly to the SDGs by solving a universal Grand Societal Challenge:

  • Good Health & Wellbeing.
  • Clean Water & Sanitation.
  • Promote Sustained, Inclusive & Sustainable Economic Growth.
  • Sustainable Cities & Communities.
  • Responsible Consumption & Production.