Giving new life to drinking water

JanaJal is more than just another initiative.
It’s a mission to give access to safe drinking water to every Indian.

Our aim is to leverage technology and bring safe drinking water by innovating and promoting smart drinking water solutions.
JanaJal is a flagship initiative of Supremus Group to change the perception and thought process on drinking water and to ensure better living,
wellness, higher economic productivity, sustained education via higher attendance, efficient healthcare, and above all Khushhali for the Nation.
The nominal cost helps us with the filtration, system maintenance and other routine upgrades
thereby ensuring that the water is always safe till the last drop.


Access to safe drinking water was declared as a human right by the United Nations

Nearly 70% Indians do not have access to safe drinking water

Safe drinking water is listed in the Top 10 needs, by the World Health Organization

India is ranked low at 124 in the list of countries that makes safe water accessible for its people

Majority of the communicable diseases in India, are caused by unsafe water


One click can turn problems into possibilities. With JanaJal’s water credit system, you can gift someone a life of possibility.

There are millions in the world living in poverty with lack of education and lack of basic necessities, and together we can change this.
You can follow your instinct, and pick the area which holds a special place in your heart and transform it.

The motto behind the initiative is to gift someone access to better future because it is important to unite and
walk towards a better tomorrow and not leave anyone behind.


JanaJal is creating social impact by benefiting several communities and millions of people in rural India:

• Significantly reducing the risks of dangerous waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid and malaria

• Most affordable water dispensing technology (compared to water cans, pouches, bottles etc.)

• Technology based on clean energy and environment-friendly techniques such as solar energy

• Fully robust and efficient with minimal wastage. High emphasis on reject water processing and management.

• JanaJal’s safe drinking water campaign is an important part of the Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Campaign

• ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified

Journey thus far…

116 Million

water dispensed


Safe drinking water
points and water ATMs
operating across India


Average volume
dispensed per day,
per system


Successfully operating in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra


Water ATMs
to be installed
by 2018