Change begins with safe water

Through operation of water ATMs in places with high density of population, JanaJal aims to empower millions by making safe water affordable, accessible and available to everyone.

Empower Change  

She asked for just one thing that billions are deprived of - WATER

JanaJal was formed after understanding the acute gap between demand and supply of safe drinking water. A small life incident where a lady asked for a bottle of water vis a vis money or food led our Founder, Parag Agarwal to take up this cause and embark upon the mission to make safe water a reality in the lives of every Indian.

Nearly 70% of Indians are deprived of clean drinking water, which is not only a serious health risk, but greatly hampers basic daily functions besides education and restricted employment.

We decided to change that!

Creating an impact

By supporting JanaJal, you are part of a solution to a global crisis. Through the medium of safe water, we are proud to have enabled higher attendance of children in schools and provide livelihood to not only the unemployed but also the unemployable who are now capable of sustaining the needs of their families. You can do the same!

Having reached people across various States in India, JanaJal is now building dense clusters of water ATMs in Mumbai-Maharashtra, Delhi NCR, Surat and Ghaziabad-Uttar Pradesh. We aim to touch the lives of millions and empower more and more people to lead happy lives.

See the change

The SMART solution to the clean water crisis

With over 300+ safe drinking points and 1000 ATMs to be installed in the near future, our technology-agnostic water ATMs supervised and managed through cutting edge IoT technologies ensure that water is safe till the last drop.

In stride with Digital India, we have also enabled digital payments and are the first water services company in India to provide a touch screen interface for operating the water ATMs.

Find out how we do it


FIRST water services company in India that has delivered 100% of its awarded clusters by the IRCTC

Presently building the largest water ATM network in an urban environment in Ghaziabad

Dispensing capacity of upto 15000 liters of water per water ATM per day

ISO certification: 9001:2015 and 14001: 2015

JanaJal WOW - Water On Wheels, a unique custom built mobile water ATM built on a battery operated vehicle to offer India’s first “Potable Water on Demand” Service

Water conservation through efficient use of water treatment technologies